True Blood Nights

Are you a True Blood fan? I jumped on the vampire bandwagon back when the Twilight books debuted. So when this risqué HBO show came along, I was totally game. However, since I don't actually have HBO, I've had to make other arrangements.

Two of my sorority sisters and I have thus begun "True Blood nights," entailing gourmet take-out pizza, red wine, and a few episodes of True Blood. Its becoming a great little tradition. Recently, we discovered that our fave pizza place, Zaw, offers deluxe chocolate chip cookies, which we now giggle and call "Sookie cookies," after the main character of True Blood. Yeah, we are that cool.

Occasionally to splurge, we mix it up. On one of our "True Blood Nights," we hit up a new Cajun restaurant in Ballard - Le Bon Ton Roule (new restaurant #15 for me) for some spicy po'boys and oysters. Quite a fitting pre-show eatery, since True Blood takes place in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.
Do you watch your fave shows with friends? It's one of my fave traditions, and a great excuse to hang out and see your favorite people.



Lindsay said...

I love watching shows with my girls. Makes the experience that much more fun. True Blood is a good group one! You guys should watch Vampire Diaries next. It's even better!

ps sorry I wasn't able to meet up. I'm hoping to head out to Seattle again in the summer though!

Leslie said...

I haven't seen the show, but I love the tradition that you've created with your friends! It sounds like such a fun time. :)

Amanda said...

Love True Blood and watching shows with friends! We watch How I Met Your Mother and paint nails every week :)

Kristin said...

I love it, that sounds like fun! We watch True Blood as well, but after the season is over on Netflix. And yeah, you have to drink red wine while watching vampire shows! Have you seen the Vampire wine?? It usually comes out this time of year.

Mary said...

Sounds a lot like my Sunday nights used to be with Sex and the City!

Allison said...

I LOVE True Blood. I watch it on my ipad with HBOGo. Pretty amazing. Yesterday in fact, my BFF Philip and I had a crafting/true blood marathon. It was pretty great!