Guest Post: Tales of Me & The Husband

It doesn't sound super romantic, does it? Choosing your love and loving your choice doesn't really leave room for serendipitous-love-at-first-sight moments. But, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's actually pretty romantic. Deciding to love whether or not you feel it, committing to making that choice when it's not rainbows and sunshine, when you might be really pissed, but weathering the storm despite the fact that you might want to hit the road... I think it is romantic. Cause, let's face it, rainbows and sunshine don't last forever (and these days so many people are hitting the road), but if you keep choosing love, your relationship has a good chance of lasting forever. And I think what's better than rainbows and sunshine is a long history together. One full of memories and laughter and joy... mixed with a few I-want-to-kill-you moments. That's romantic to me.

Congratulations Michelle! Enjoy your newest chapter!

I'm over at Tales of Me + the Husband if you'd like to stop by sometime.

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