Wednesday Wondering: Coconut Water

Ever heard of coconut water? It's the hot new item crowding the shelves of natural markets a la Whole Foods? I just sampled my first taste of the boxed coconut water, and I'm not quite sure what I think of it.

Back in the day, I remember my dad would occasionally pick up a coconut at the grocery store. When we'd get home, he'd hammer a screw driver into one of the holes, and we'd pour out the milk (or so I thought it was called) and drink. Next, we'd crack that puppy open and split between us the fresh slices of coconut meat. However, I stand corrected, apparently the clear liquid found inside young coconuts is coconut water.

While in California last week, I watched my 5-year old cousin Alani devour a young coconut. Litearlly, she slurped up the water and gelatinous young coconut meat like it was a cherry slushie. Mind you, I was intrigued, but I slurped with significantly less enthusiasm.

So what's the verdict? Love it it / hate it? I think my mind is more boggled I've been calling it coconut milk for all these years. Where have I been??

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