The Return of Sweet Valley High

Have you heard? Sweet Valley High is back! Then sequel of sorts - Sweet Valley Confidential - is reportedly a "where are they now" check in with the famous blond twins, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.

While I was definitely more of a Babysitter's Club kind of girl, I did read a Sweet Valley High book or two, so I'm tempted to pick up the sequel just to check it out. Not gonna lie, the reviews of the new book are pretty rough. However, this New York Times article gives it a little bit more love. It sounds like the all-encompassing viewpoint is, reviews aside, if you were a SVH fan back in the day, you'll likely still be one 10 years later.

Anyone else going to read it?



samantha ramage said...

i was never a sweet valley high girl either, i was a huge fan of rl stine instead-- but my sister was a fan and was excited for me to remind her of her old favorite books!

i read something amazing recently about the author-- do you know she's never been to california and she wrote all those books from her apartment in manhattan?! so interesting!


Irene said...

This is hilarious! I was a HUGE Sweet Valley nerd...I might have to hide somewhere with a disguise to avoid being seen reading it, but I'm gonna do it!

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

I loved both the Babysitters Club and SVH books growing up. I was thinking about choosing this for book club when my time comes around. I always love a good guilty pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, just reading about this has taken me back to my tweens! Loved SVH and the Babysitter's Club!

Anonymous said...

ah! I used to read all the swh books, I'd stay up all nite reading them! Im excited!

Vivian said...

AAAH! I used to love Sweet Valley... and i used to read them in the translated French versions... haha!! I'm kind of curious about the updates.... hmmm.... It's the kind of book I'd very secretly order online.