Thai One On

My present to my mom for her birthday was a Thai cooking class that we could do together. Since we're both HUGE fans of Thai food, we signed up for a Thai cooking class, affectionately entitled, "Thai One On." As in traditional Thai cuisine, we cooked with only fresh ingredients; lemongrass, lime juice, fresh tumeric, kaffir lime leaves, and beyond. We were definitely satiated by the end of the class, as there were 4 courses including desserts.

Here's a peek at the menu we made:
* veggie spring rolls with tamarind dipping sauce
* coconut sticky rice with shrimp
* chicken satay with peanut ginger sauce
* green papaya salad
* pad thai with tofu
* green curry with Thai eggplant and shiitake mushrooms
* red curry with chicken and peanuts
* forbidden rice with coconut cream

Delicious! Can't wait to (hopefully someday) have a Thai feast at home.

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