Love the Weekend

So excited for the weekend to begin! Tomorrow two of my good friends are getting hitched - congrats to Alex & Anna! Can't wait for the big day. Sunday, I'm going pumpkin picking and apple cider tasting with my boy, followed by dinner with Dad. Should be a fun, festive fall weekend!

What are you up to?


Anna Walker said...

Oh! Have a great weekend! Weddings are always fun, and you will have an amazing time pumpkin picking and such as well! :)
I don't really have plans. Maybe a birthday party, but mostly being laid back and celebrating the end of midterms:)

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Have a great weekeend!! :)

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Detailing Life said...

This sounds like a great weekend, I would love to go to a wedding! Maybe you can post som pictures from your friends big day? I love to see people in love!

Courtney said...

Ooooh I hope you post pictures! It's a A&E Pride and Prejudice weekend for myself and my roommate.

Sini said...

Lovely picture!

thevoyageofv said...

A wedding and pumpkins? Sounds perfect. This weekend I flew back to Sweden from New ork. Not too happy about it and am currently reading blogs to fight the urge to fall back asleep and ruin my internal clock. Thanks for the entertainment! :-)