The Facebook Movie

I just realized I never blogged about the last movie I saw - The Social Network, which despite actually knowing the title, I find myself consistently referring to as "The Facebook Movie." I didn't have high expectations for this movie, but I was entertained throughout and pleasantly surprised. For a movie all about computers, the plot was engaging, and the characters while not likable in the slightest (sans Eduardo), were well cast. (For anyone who's seen it, were the Winkelvoss twins not the dreamiest boys ever??).

The bf and I did a date enjoyed our dinner & a movie date night, dining at our fave burger joint, Red Mill Burgers, and then off to see the flick. Overall, I was very satisfied with the movie, I would even go so far as to say I'd even see it the theater. And, it was an interesting vantage point for those of us who are members of facebook, a modern-day history lesson of sorts as to how we all got on there in the first place.
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