Weekend Visit

My boyfriend's parents are visiting this weekend from Michigan! They arrive tonight around 9 and will be staying through Sunday evening. My boyfriend is pleased as punch as his parents busy schedules do not often allow them time off to head out West.

Not exactly sure what's on the agenda yet, I'm assuming some touristy things, although they've seen the quintessential Seattle sights. We may for fun Ride the Duck - a land-to-water tour of Seattle. While I'm usually great at planning, but I think with back to school starting next week my brain's in a mental freeze. Any ideas of unusual places to visit for an out-of-towner?


jen said...

What fun! If the weather is as bad here as they say it will be :( try heading north to Anacortes for a day trip. It's a beautiful drive, has nice restaurants and little shops at the end of town, and is quite often in a rain shadow. You can go to Deception Pass as well... gorgeous.

Have a great time!

Erika Peterson said...

Ride the Ferry to Bainbridge and go out to lunch there? Pick up Paseo and picnic at Golden Gardens? Maybe even go for a little hike - Cougar Mountain is really close and it's an easy hike. Have fun!

Lori said...

Go up North to Langley and then to Coupville. Go to Toby's Tavern for a lunch of Penn Cove mussels. They are the best there! After lunch head to Ebbey's Landing or Deception Pass.

themisadventuresofk said...

Mmmm, Paseo - that sounds good!

How about a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory in Fremont??