Dinner Last Night: Twice-Baked Potatoes with Greek Yogurt

I love anything dish that includes potatoes. Seriously. They might just be my favorite food. Can you tell I'm Irish? One of my fave ways to cook potatoes is the ever-flavorful and ever-fattening, Twice Baked Potatoes.

I recently found a Martha Stewart recipe that solves this problem, Twice-Baked Potatoes with Greek Yogurt. While it's not quite fat-free, it's definitely more low-fat, substituting Greek yogurt in for sour cream. Cooking note: this recipe recommends baking the potato mixture in ramekins, however I happen to have a total of zero ramekins in my pantry, so I just refilled the potato skins with the filling and they turned out just fine. Bottoms up!


SAMI. said...

i haven't eaten a twiced bake potato in forever. these look yummy and definitely less guilt inducing!


Stevie said...

I love twice baked potatoes! I'm like you, I'm a sucker for any potato product. Yummy!

Potatoes are really good for you - they have tons of fiber, tons of vitamin C and also help boost serotonin! So eat all you want ;-)

Great tip subbing the yogurt for the sour cream. I use plain yogurt as a substitute for a lot of things and it works great.

Thao said...

Yummy! You always have the most delicious-looking dinners. Potatoes are my fave too, and I'm not even Irish--though married to an Irishman! :)

Signe said...

I'm Norwegian and we are crazy about our potatoes as well, most people have it with dinner every day!
But I've never had twiced baked potatoes, not even sure what that is, so I need to look up a recipy for it and give it a go :)

Cindy said...

Am Irish, too and I do LOVE a potato. Thanks for sharing. xo