Olympic Fare

While it seems Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I admittedly am more excited about the Winter Olymics. Not that I don't love my special someone, I just love the camaraderie, competition, and blending of cultures that comes 'round every couple of years for the games.

Being in Seattle, we aren't too far from the hype - Vancouver, B.C. is just a few short hours North. One thing that has me intrigued about the Olympic Village is the cuisine! Seattle Times had an article in the Sunday paper entitled - Gold-Medal dining in Vancouver. One of the Vancouver native's favorite eats: Japadog - Japanese inspired hotdogs. In lieu of ketchup and mustard, try grated relish, special soy, and green onion. Here's a pic of the famous "Oroshi" dog at Japadog. When in Vancouver...

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