Happy Birthday Blog!

I can't believe I almost forgot my blog's 2nd birthday! It occurred to me early yesterday morning as I was driving to school.

It's amazing to me what a blog can morph into. This blog is a preserved memory of the pieces of my life over the past two years. It's a reminder of where I was, what I was thinking about/watching/eating/doing/feeling.... It reminds me how 2009 was an even better year than 2008, how much I've learned about myself and changed and grown up in two short years. It's truly amazing sometimes to stop and reflect back upon the place I am now and the place I was then.

I often get the urge to divulge all my secrets, but I feel I have to my profession as a teacher limits me from writing a lot of personal information about my life. Regardless, I've thoroughly enjoyed my life in the blog-o-sphere, perusing my faves, getting to know new blogs through comments left, and seeing what the world beyond my own little universe has to offer.

Happy Birthday!

image via isuwannee
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