A Little Bit of Ethiopia

I realized I forgot to blog about a unique dining experience I had a few weeks ago. My mom and I, in an effort to be adventurous, tried out an Ethiopian restaurant, Habesha in downtown Seattle. With both of us being new to Ethiopian food, I wasn't sure what to expect. While I'd heard of "injera," spongy bread that's used as the primary eating utensil, I'd never tried it myself.

The "injera" is quite a tool, it's spongy, absorbent, and incredibly durable. It soaks up stews and liquid without breaking or softening like most breads would. It serves as the utensils in lieu of a spoon or fork. Well, eating with our hands was something that took a little getting used to. At one point my mom looked around scanning the tables for a stray fork, the same way she does after forfeiting a dining battle to chopsticks.

We ordered a spicy halibut fish dish, and a chicken, vegetable and potato dish seasoned with tumeric. Both were tasty, an interesting and unique blend of spices, but good! It was a fun dining experience, and I'd definitely recommend trying Ethiopian if you haven't had the privilege.

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