Did You Find The Golden Egg?

Every Easter growing up, my family hosted an annual Easter Egg hunt and brunch. We'd have dozens of families and their kids over, dressed in their Easter finest. Each family was asked to bring 10-20 plastic eggs filled with treats. After we'd all eaten brunch, and had our fill of Easter treats, the parents would close the blinds and scamper outside to hide the eggs.

Meanwhile, indoors, the oldest kids would supervise a gaggle of small children, until we heard the call that everything was hidden. Now, somewhere among all the hidden colorful eggs was a single golden egg. The golden egg was the coveted egg, the winner of which would get an enormous plush stuffed animal (a nice one too, like F.A.O. Schwartz caliber)...

I never did find the golden egg, my sister Katie did once, much to every other child's chagrin. But it was always a fun Easter tradition. Did any of you go egg hunting yesterday? Anyone happen to find a golden egg?

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