Tis the Season for Christmas Cards!

Holiday card season is upon us, and oh how I do love a good Christmas card!  My parents always sent Christmas cards out by the dozens, which in turn meant we received a bounty of them ourselves.  I fondly emember stalking the mailbox with my sisters, pouring over the new cards, the shining smiles, the gold embossed into the paper, arranging our new cards and adding them to our artful display in our kitchen.

For many years, my mom handmade all of our Christmas cards, which I appreciate now more than ever as an adult, being able to now fully recognize the amount of time and effort she invested into this favorite tradition.  Nowadays, the templates available online are light years ahead of the options available when we were kids.  Again, I'm turning to good ol' dependable Tiny Prints for our first holiday card as a family of three this year, whose printed cards always turn out polished and classy (also because they frequently offer sweet discount codes!).

Some of my favorites include...
 {Christmas caroling}
{Bold and bright}
 {Simple and sweet}
{Arrows and snowflakes}

Are you a Christmas/holiday card giver?

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