2013 Goals Recap

Blog more.
Well I can't say I really accomplished this since my posts per year has steadily decreased since I began blogging in 2008 (blogger fail!).  However, I have been a tad busier this year with our newest addition :)

Save more.
I can honestly say I have saved more (yay!).  I've made a conscious effort to transfer out funds from each paycheck into various accounts that are slowly growing. 

Take more pictures.
Absolutely!  Of course, having a baby is also a huge picture-taking motivator!

Eat out less and eat more vegetables.
Yes - while we do love our takeout, together my husband and I have made a more conscious effort to plan and cook dinner, and full intend to continue this with more commitment into 2014.  

Watch less TV.
Well, yes and no.  I definitely watched more TV during the last few months of my pregnancy; as I was more tired, uncomfortable, and less mobile.  However, since she has been born, I find myself watching MUCH less TV, it just isn't a priority anymore, and happily, I don't miss it at all.  We do still have a handful of shows that we watch on Hulu, but otherwise, our TV intake is significantly down. Huge victory!

Worry less.
Well... I think I did better, but I don't think I'll ever be able to "not worry," and that's just life. :)  

Stay tuned for goals/resolutions for 2014...

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