Highlights of Fall

Have I told you how excited I am that it's fall?  While I am thoroughly the Indian summer that is currently underway in Seattle, I am looking ahead to all the loveliness that is fall.  

A few things fall things I'm excited for:

+ Our first anniversary, I can hardly believe it's almost been a full year since our wedding!  With our anniversary comes our inaugural anniversary trip.  We're headed to Friday Harbor, can't wait!!

+ Hot cocoa, mulled cider, spiced tea, pumpkin spice lattes...mmm!

+ Fall clothes!  I've definitely worn my summer clothing thin, so I'm excited to pull out the scarves, sweaters, wellies, and warm + cozy items from the depths of my closet.

+ Weddings!  Our friends Carla + Ryan are tying the knot this weekend, can't wait to dance the night away, DJ Greasy style!  haha...

+ Fall recipes; heart-warming soups, stews, casseroles, and cassoulets.  I'll defs be turning my oven on this season to crank up the heat!

+ 30th Birthdays!  This is the year of turning the dirty 3-0 for most of my friends and I, and we have some fun shindigs on the horizon, first with a dual birthday weekend getaway in October!

+ Babies!  Three of my college girlfriends are due with their first babies in October.  Literally, October 1, October 10, and October 17th - what are the odds, right?  None have made their debuts yet, but we are eagerly awaiting texts, emails, and updates!

+ Halloween!  No costume selected as of yet, but I'm open to suggestions...

+ Clear days, crisp air, vibrant leaves on the trees, eventually carpeting the streets.

Oh, how I love fall!  What are you excited for?

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