One thing you probably know about me, if you've ever read this blog before is that I am an avid reader.  I rarely turn down a book recommendation from a friend, colleague, or family member, and am always eager for my fave blogs to update their own "recent read" posts, just so I can scour the stacks for a copy of my own to promptly devour.

But keeping track of all those books is a tiresome task, that's hard to keep up with.  Hence - Goodreads.  Ever heard of it?  I love it!  Essentially this website tracks all of your past, future, and recent reads, let's you rank and/or comment accordingly.  This is sooo helpful to me as I tend to scrawl book recommendations down on post-its, stuff in my purse, and then proceed to lose...  

Once you have friends on goodreads, you can peek at their recent reads, recommendations and go from there!  Easy peasy!  

So, you want to trade reviews and be my goodreads friend?

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