Another School Year Drawing to a Close

Only 7 more school days until the end of the year...
I can hardly believe it!

One thing I love about teaching is that it is a cycle.  A new school year begins, full of excitement, new names, faces, and personalities to learn, and a brand new classroom community to cultivate. Throughout the first few weeks and months, a rapport is built, an understanding of the rules, an expectation of respect and responsibility.  Students learn, grow, and grow, and grow some more, both in maturity, age, and height!  Then, as April rolls into May, and May into June, it ends.  All of that time hard work, and effort invested into each individual student is forwarded onto the next teacher, who will continue the process. Students leave older, wiser, and ideally more mature than when they entered.  Summer break follows, the a welcome cleanse to any worries, troubles or challenges that might have overshadowed a school year.  And then, in September, it starts all up again.  

How many people can say that they get to essentially "start over" with a clean slate every year in their profession?  Not very many I presume.  I always find myself reflecting as a school year draws to a close.  It's a bittersweet time of year - because the end is inevitable, it's a foregone conclusion.  I'm sad to see them go once we have established this comfortable rapport as "family" of sorts.  But... not going to lie, summer vacation isn't half bad either!  

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