The Kind Thing

Do you pay it forward? You know, when you receive a random act of kindness, you pay it forward to someone else - spreading positivity and kindness like wildfire? For all you Seattleites out there, Do the KIND Thing follows the pay it forward model, empowering people to make the world a little kinder and the local community in the process. Pretty cool, right?

Here's the scoop: each month, KIND challenges a new city to carry out a specific act of kindness. The Seattle challenge is to pass along a book, newspaper, or magazine they've enjoyed to someone else on Tuesday, September 6th (our first day of school, how fitting), so that another person may enjoy it too! That's pretty easy, don't you think?

Then, if enough people sign up to complete this mission, KIND pays it forward with one BIG KIND Act for the local community, teaming up with Whole Kids Foundation - which in Seattle is building a sustainable garden for a Seattle school, meant to educate and empower children to make more nutritious choices.

So check it out and if you're able, do the KIND thing, pass on a book to keep the spread the kindness going!

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