Snapshots of Rhode Island

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, my youngest sister graduated from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. One of the signature graduation festivities at the school is the procession through the Van Winkle gate. As freshman, students enter the campus through the gate, and upon graduation, the new class exits through the gate as college graduates. It's quite a tradition, I had no idea! First come the professors, who all looked very Harry Potter-esque in their colorful robes and funny hats. Followed by the Brown University band, and a slough of doctoral and masters candidates.
And then, before the Class of 2011, came literally thousands of alumni. It was truly impressive! All the way back to the class of 1930! Alumni carried banners celebrating their graduation years. The best was the 25th reunion class of 1986...
The parade of graduates ends with the new graduating class of 2011. I camped out in front of the gate for over 2 hours to get a picture of my sister the graduate, but it was well worth it. Afterwards, graduates and family alike relocate to the Brown University Green for the actual graduation ceremony where...Jack Nicholson spoke! He was an honorary graduate, among some other famous people including Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. He wore his signature shades and was just as funny in person as he is onscreen.
What a graduation day, huh? Neither my undergrad nor graduate ceremony could hold a candle to these festivities!
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