Happy Friday

Hooray the weekend is here! Only 6 days left of school, I can't believe it, time flies! My students amped up as ever over the impending summer vacation, they can hardly sit still!
This weekend, I'm looking forward to a few things:

* Tonight, I'm headed to a rainbow potluck dinner party, ever been to one? Here's the deal: everyone is assigned a color and you bring a dish that somehow incorporates that color food. My color is red, so I'm debating between these recipes.

* a much needed haircut and color

* relaxing with my fiance who has been away most of the week for work

* An engagement celebration dinner. My cousin Michael and his *fiance* Tamara got engaged two weekends ago, and are in town this weekend for a gig.

This weekend is looking pretty sweet EXCEPT one major bummer - finishing my report cards. Major boo! Hopefully I can get these done before Sunday? Wishful thinking I'm sure...

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