What's your favorite holiday? Christmas has always been my #1 favorite holiday. While I do enjoy opening presents, this holiday is my fave for so much more; the cold weather, carolers, and delicious aromas that make that holiday so memorable and special.

In case you are a fan of the underdog holidays, read this book, Mrs. Muddle's Holidays. Mrs. Muddle is the neighbor who celebrates unusual holidays like "Puddle Jumping Day," and "First Snow Day!" I've used this book my classroom - and love how it expands beyond the usual favorites and gets kids excited about celebrating small traditions together.


Vivian said...

Maybe I should order this book and show my students...

I'm not sure what my favourite holiday is. I always get stressed out at Christmas, so I think Thanksgiving, because of the amazing food... :)

I'm Crayon said...

I definitely agree with this assessment of the holidays: I love the magic, but hate being responsible for making it.