The Hills Are Alive!

Can you believe it's the 45th anniversary of the Sound of Music? The Today Show hosted the Von Trapp Children and Fräulein Maria last week to celebrate the anniversary of this magical movie. I always loved this movie, and I actually have a personal connection to the film.

Five years ago, I backpacked around Europe for a month with two of my girlfriends. One of our many stops among our travels was Salzburg, Austria, where this historic film was made! We decided since we loved the movie so much, we just had to take the Sound of Music tour, which is a 4-hour long excursion all over (highly recommended). You and your guide drive through those very hills from the song (listening and singing along to the soundtrack all the way - mind you!). We stopped at many iconic destinations from the movie; including the VonTrapp house by the lake, the church where Maria and Capt. Von Trapp were married, and many more...including the gazebo.

In case you don't remember, the gazebo was home to the famous song by Liesel and Rolf "I Am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen," (my favorite from the movie). Well when we arrived at this famous site, and encountered a crowd. Puzzled, we crept closer, and discovered the character Liesel from the movie was there filming the 40th reunion slot!!! It was such a random coincidence that she was there. We were thrilled!! The best part was, the 20 or so of us joined hands, and actually got to sing this wonderful song along with Liesel. It was a magical moment I'll never forget. Here's a picture of us and Liesel!
And the clip of the entire cast singing together!
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