Sweet 16!

My team is playing today! My alma mater twice over, University of Washington, beat New Mexico to make it to the Sweet 16! Tip off is at 4:26 this afternoon, I'm hoping to jet out of work fast to meet up with friends at a local pub to cheer on my huskies!! GO DAWGS!

Anyone else into the March Madness? Tell me about your bracket!



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

My bracket is totally messed up but I couldn't be more excited for the Huskies!! Go dawgs!!

Pretty Lovely said...

My bracket is such a mess since Kansas lost. So now I can root for anyone. Good luck to the Huskies and of course - the underdogs of Cornell.


K.C. McGee said...

Kansas told ruined my bracket.

I'm a UNLV Rebel(VEGAS REPRESENT! lol. ) and Northern Iowa knocked us out the first round. BOO!

I did however choose for Washington to move forward, so I'll be cheering with you! :)

Caroline said...

I love Basketball!! LOVE!! Hope all is well lovely!! XO