Pierogi Pro

My dinner last Sunday night was a traditional Polish feast; potato and cabbage pierogis with sour cream, Polish sausage, and sauerkraut. I'd never eaten Polish food before meeting my Polish sweetie - but ever since I've come to love the comfort food of his homeland.

Usually the batches of pierogis we eat are homemade by his grandparents and mailed express from Michigan. We then immediately freeze said pierogis + Polish treats to save for a rainy day when comfort food is a must. I love this culinary tradition and opportunity to celebrate his rich heritage, but my qualm is, I don't know how to make these myself...

So imagine my surprise when I opened my Martha Stewart Living this month and what did I see? Martha's favorite food is pierogis? And she included a how-to recipe for both sweet and savory pierogis? My lucky day - check out this issue, Martha shows how to make savory cabbage pierogis and sweet blueberry pierogis, apparently her fave!

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