Once Upon A Time

When you were little, did you ever wish that you were a princess? I don't mean a spoiled-rotten little brat, I mean a real princess. You know, the kind with ladies in waiting, brave knights on horseback and a splendid castle?...That kind of princess?

While you may be modest, I'm quite certain your answer is yes. And I have proof! When given the chance to free write, many of the little girls in my class write fabulous tales of the lives of beautiful princesses and handsome princes, all beginning with "Once Upon a Time." You know it's true! My sister and I coveted the tall cone-shaped pink princess hats with the streaming gauze oozing from their peaks, something to the like of this...
Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. If this is your bag, then today's your lucky day. Cookie is featuring vacations at castle hotels, now you can live out your childhood dream of waltzing around a luxurious castle like this one, Ashford Castle in Ireland. With travel widening it's horizons, castle stays are becoming ever popular and accessible throughout Europe. It sounds like quite the vacation, especially if you have a family. Plenty of room to explore inside and out, seeing as a castle's vast estate is part of the appeal. Prices are comparable to regional hotels, and in many places kids under 5 stay free. And, if you're lucky, they might just let you wear your lovely pink princess hat around...

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