Change of Seasons

With just one more week until daylight savings time, it's finally starting to feel like Spring. For me, the hardest part of winter is waking and driving to work when it's pitch black, and leaving work to go home when it's pitch black. There's something about the light, the sun setting that much later that is simply blissful.

Granted, I am fortunate to have a few moments during the day (a.k.a. recess) when I have an opportunity to get outside and see the sun (if it is indeed shining). But those cold, dark mornings and evenings definitely contribute to my lower energy levels. Cheers to the almost-beginning of a new season, 19 days to go!



Anonymous said...

Wish I could relate! We just got a good dumping of snow over here in Philly! I miss the warm weather, but I have to admit it looks beautiful outside!

Carrie said...

I am so looking forward to daylight savings time! It always makes me feel like I have more time and energy when it is lighter longer.