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I was recently tagged by That Unreliable Girl to indulge in the the *7 Things You Don't Know About Me* survey...so, here goes nothing. #1 - In 2005, two of my best friends and I took a post-graduation backpacking trip to Europe. We were gone over a month, saw everything from Amsterdam to Barcelona to Rome and all that lies in between...including Salzburg, Austria, the lovely city that played host to one of our favorite movies, "The Sound of Music."

Upon our tour we saw the Von Trapp household, the cathedral, the abbey, and of course the gazebo. Our timing was impeccable, as the actress who played Liesel herself in original movie was there, filming a 40th anniversary spot. We had the unbelievably good fortune to sing alongside Liesel herself, "I Am 16, Going on 17," in chorus with about 25 other tourists. Defintiely a moment I shall never forget!#2 - I took and competed in Scottish dancing for 5 years as a kid. The kilts, the sashes, the stockings and lace-up shoes, you name it, I wore it! I used to attend outdoor tournaments that felt like you were transported back in time to the era of William Wallace himself. #3 - I am related to the scarecrow from the original Wizard of Oz (he is a cousin on my mom's side and shares her maiden name).#4 - I am every inch a sorority girl. I joined a house a week before starting my freshman year of college, lived in for 4 years, and loved every second. While I don't fit the sorority-girl stereotype in the least, I could still sing at least 20 sorority songs upon request.
#5 - I love, love, love banana milkshakes. Yes, banana. Not your typical vanilla or chocolate, no sirree, I'd opt for a fresh banana milkshake anyday of the week.
#6 - I have a little bit of an obsession with travel magazines, and reading travel paraphernalia. I have a monthly subscription to Budget Travel, Travel+Leisure, and Conde Nast Traveller. Unfortunately I do not take vacations as often as I'd like given my teacher's salary, but I'm always saving for the next getaway.#7 - My original career plan before I became an elementary school teacher (which I absolutely love)...was to become a curator. I majored in art history and enjoy learning about all types of art; paintings, sculptures, architecture, installation...I soon realized that Seattle wasn't quite the market for a career in art history, but thankfully I happily landed in the field of education, and haven't looked back since.Next...
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