The Question: Easter Brunch or Dinner?

I've been trying to convince my friend Kostas (born and raised mostly in Greece) that many Americans celebrate Easter in similar fashion; church, followed by brunch, and perhaps then a festive event such as an Easter egg hunt.

He argued that in Greece, Easter dinner is the norm - sans our added commercial elements of Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and pastel colors. This entire discussion was prompted by me trying to organize a gathering of friends for an Easter celebration, which in turn led to the discussion of which is better - Easter brunch or dinner? I am now curious to hear what others consider "the norm," for this holiday - if there is in fact a norm.

Long story short, I conceded and my friends and I are now planning what to bring for our "Cathodox" Easter dinner (a combination of Catholic and Greek Orthodox which sums up the majority of our friends). Though I still side with brunch being better, I've decided to bring an arrangement similar to this, so at least my Easter traditions will be represented - pale pink and bunnies all the way!

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