Fall Favorites: Crockpot Granny Smith Applesauce

Fall favorites is back - as is my favorite season!  This past Saturday we made a trip to a local farm which has a 100-year old apple press.  It's been a tradition to go every year at the brink of fall, but this time my daughter was much more alert and interested in "the apple store."   We picked up some granny smith apples, apple butter, and cold pressed cider.  

I'd seen this recipe for granny smith crockpot applesauce on another blog, and thought I'd give it a whirl, thought honestly I was a bit skeptical as my last attempt at crockpot applesauce was a huge flop. However, this recipe did not disappoint, and today at lunch she gobbled her helping right up!  It's the perfect balance of tart and sweet with the warmth of the cozy spices of fall (in addition to being crazy easy, throw everything in the pot and cook for 4 hours).


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