Dinner Last Night: Broccolini Pizza

Finally I'm back from three consecutive weekends of travel.  First Michigan to visit my husband's family, then Alaska for a wedding, and then LA for my close girlfriend and sorority sister's wedding.  Phew!  It was fun to celebrate our friends but am I glad to be home!

Back to our meal planning - we ate this pizza for dinner Sunday night.  I subbed in broccolini for broccoli rabe since we were given a huge bunch from my parents. During the summer months we usually cook homemade pizza on the grill (using this grill pan), giving it that deliciously uber crispy bottom crust!

In case you're in need for some meal inspiration, check out the rest of the blog from where this recipe originated, Marin Mama Cooks, she's got some delish, easy weeknight recipes!

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