Dinner Last Night: Corned Beef Brisket Pitas with Parmesan Potatoes & Creamy Radish Dressing

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and my husband's birthday on Sunday evening - all wrapped up into one Irish themed meal, since corned beef is one of his favorite foods.  I found this recipe for corned beef brisket pitas with parmesan mashed potatoes and creamy radish dressing and just couldn't say no!  While it's not your traditional preparation of corned beef, honestly the words "slow cooker" made this recipe more appealing than the others I considered.

My mom ended up doing the cooking (bless her) and I provided the mashed potatoes.  We used garlic naan instead of pita but I think the end result ultimately was the same - delicious!  The saltiness of the meat is balanced by the cheesy potatoes, crisp cabbage, and refreshingly tart radish sauce.  Perhaps a new St. Patrick's Day favorite!

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