Monday was my birthday.  We were jet setters and spent the long weekend in the Grand Cayman celebrating our close friends' wedding.  My birthday was spent eating fish curry at a roadside shack right on the beach, swimming in the blue waters of 7 Mile Beach, searching for sea glass, and toasting with chilled CayBrews among friends.  Aside from the fact that I was thousands of miles away from my sweet daughter, it was pretty perfect.

While I'm already an ankle deep into my thirties, but this seems like a good quote to have in my back pocket for the rest of the thirty something journey.

"I was once told, when you turn 30, you turn French...  When one hits her 30's, she knows where she's going in life and what looks great on her."  
~ Casey Keasler



heather said...

What a nice (hopefully relaxing) way to spend your birthday! Just a nice hit of warmth in the middle of winter too! xoxo

p.s. cheers to our 30s :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Happy Birthday lady!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Happy belated birthday, lovely. xoxo