Goals for 2014

+ Maintain balance
As I prepare to return to work after four months of maternity leave, what I'm most anxious about is balance.  In the coming year I want to strive to maintain a balance as best I can; loving up my little girl, continuing to date my husband, carve out time to laugh with my friends and family, work hard in my job, and make time for myself.  All of these things are important, and I know it will take some time to learn how to juggle everything successfully.

+ Explore and discover
I am constantly amazed and awed as I see my daughter soak up the world around her. Seeing the world through her bright eyes, everything is fresh, wonderous  and gloriously new and interesting.  I want to adopt this way of thinking for myself as well.  2014 is our year to see everything anew; the waterfall at the park, the crackling leaves of a tree, the frost in the window.  I want to see and do more, and delight in seeing familiar people, places, and things through her eyes.

+ Meal planning
Going hand in hand with juggling, my husband and I are attempting a new method of meal planning to streamline our food budget, fridge stock, and overall sanity, inspired by this post.  I'm excited for this new approach, and committed to making it a success...I'll keep you posted! 

+ Be active
With two bridesmaid stints ahead in 2014, I gotta get my butt back in gear and start the year off right!  Whether that be a good old fashioned run outside or a stroller walk on a clear day, I'm looking forward to getting my body back to pre-baby shape.

+ Unplug, write letters, call friends
There used to be a handful of friends I'd frequently chat on the phone with, and lately that number has dwindled.  While we still keep in touch via text or email, I miss the sound of a friend's laugh through the airwaves or the smile inspired by the sight of a friend's familiar handwriting on an envelope when picking up my mail.  While I've always been a card-sender for birthdays and such, this year I aspire to write more letters, call more friends, and unplug just a bit more.  When I look back at my life I want to remember being present in every moment.  Snapshots of me checking my phone, scrolling a feed, or perusing Facebook is not a memory I want to have of myself.  Here's to unplugging more in 2014.

What are your goals for the New Year?

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