House Dreaming

My husband and I have the goal of moving to a bigger house sooner than later.  Our motivation is to be  closer to my family and to our jobs,  but also in an effort to omit a high-traffic bridge commute with an infant.  However, due to some unforeseen expenses, medical and otherwise, we're putting our move plans on hold temporarily until we can resume our down-payment saving schedule.  In the meantime, I find myself perusing redfin, pouring over desirable neighborhoods, bookmarking my "favorite" houses, daydreaming that one day we'll live there.

My ideal house wish list...
* open kitchen (ideally newer features/design, but that's not a deal breaker)
* on a safe street, part of a kid-friendly neighborhood with families
* a spacious yard
* a bathtub
* built in bookshelves
* natural light
 * hardwood floors
* a bay window with window seat

While our house is cozy and cute for now, I'm eager to relocate to cut out a commute and to add extra space to accommodate our baby's stuff, and provide her with ample room for crawling and exploring as she grows.

What are you looking for in your dream house?


Mary said...

While you're looking, also remember you're looking at potential. The location - safe street, nice neighborhood - is the most important thing. And the overall feel of the place. Does it feel like home? Built-in bookshelves can always be added later. (Says the girl who bought a run-down old house and spent the better part of a decade making it a home, including those built-ins and an awesome soaking tub. But our backyard is a little league baseball field, and I can watch the sunset over the river. It's home.)

heather{land} said...

Thanks for the redfin link :) While we are still a ways off from buying, I am tucking that away for the future!

turtleinseattle said...

Dream houses are fun to search for! Redfin is the best. Have fun with the search! It is smart to be looking at the commute as things are only going to get more congested in the future. That was the main driver in us moving out to Vashon.

Diana Mieczan said...

I love your wish list. For me it's all about open airy spaces and tons of natural light. I love huge windows too. Have a fantastic day, lovely.

LKF said...

I must have a fireplace and a fenced in backyard for my dog with space for an outdoor kitchen/dining space. I really miss having a grill.

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I am right there house dreaming with you. We are still saving for our down payment but home prices in the Bay Area are crazy expensive!

birdie to be said...

What a dream kitchen pic! Good luck with all your hunting and dreaming. It will eventually happen!