These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Another favorite thing to share - my bkr water bottle.  Now, this is a relatively new purchase, but I'm already in love!  Ever since the research/findings about reusing plastic water bottles, I've been in the market for a bottle with staying power.  I dabbled with aluminum water bottles, but disliked the metallic taste they left in my water after multiple uses.  

The bkr is different than most water bottles I've found.  First, it's a glass bottle wrapped in a sleek silicone gel sleeve.  I first learned about this trendy glass water bottle over at The Soho.  Both the bottle and silicon sleeve are dishwasher safe, with a twist on plastic top.  I purchased the apple green color "Smith" via Amazon, and I'm quite smitten.  Also, I know from experience that it's pretty darn durable, I accidentally flung my bottle across the parking lot at work, and while it gathered a little dirt, the sleeve kept the bottle safe and intact.  In my book that makes for a keeper!


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