The Most Beautiful Place in the World

On Monday, a facebook acquaintance of mine posted this as her status, "Where is the MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the world?"  Intrigued, I scrolled down to view the comments and was amazed how many people responded, and how varied the answers were: Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Greek Islands, the Phi Phi Islands, Fiji, Hong Kong, the list went on and on.  I found myself jotting notes down from this list so I can add them to my wanderlust list!

After perusing, I thought to myself, what destination I would choose as the most beautiful?   Takayama, Japan?  Civita de Bagnorregio, Italy?  Dubrovnik, Croatia at sunset?  There really are so many beautiful places in the world, it's tough to pick one that resonates above them all!  

So now I'm sending this out into the blog world to get your responses.  
Where is the MOST BEAUTIFUL place in the world? 

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