Happy Weekend

My spring break is drawing to a close, but it has been one relaxing week, that's for sure! This weekend I'm attending a fundraiser for a mission trip to Tanzania on Friday and a double date night with friends of ours. Hopefully I'll be rested and ready to go back to school on Monday...
+ Diet coke + brownies = how have I never heard of these before?

+ Beautiful chandelier

+ Breakfast of champions

+ Digging this clock

+ Glassybaby love

+ Next must-read book on my shelf

+ Have you heard?? Anchorman 2 is in the work


Ben & Cassie said...

i now have 8 tabs to go look up! thanks for your links and diet coke brownies? Seriously thank you!

Lea said...

I am so interested in trying those diet coke brownies! Never heard of them. YUM! Have a great weekend. ( :

rooth said...

Anchorman 2... yesssss