Dinner Last Night: Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans & Potatoes

I finally made a recipe that I pinned on pinterest.  Hooray!  I feel satisfied that my well stocked pin board entitled "good eats," is actually being put to good use in the kitchen!  

Well, technically, my husband made dinner, but that it made it even more delicious!  Go pin this recipe right now - pan-roasted chicken with lemon-garlic green beans and potatoes.  It was superb!  Plus it filled our kitchen with this aromatic lemony garlic scent while cooking which was just heavenly. 



hannah love said...

it's such a good feeling that the things we pin aren't just collecting internet dust :) looks delicious!


Mary said...

I finally did too! I made a sausage, bean, and kale soup that I found via Pinterest. It was great and definitely one I'm keeping! It is satisfying to know that all this internet time is being put to use.

Leslie said...

That sounds delicious! What a great meal. :)

Lea said...

Your husband made this???? Impressive! What a talented husband you have! Looks delicious and healthy. I've got to try it!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...