Blog it Forward

One thing I love about blogging, is that it is never ending. I'm constantly editing and revising my google reader feeds, whether thats counting the years I've been reading old favorites or removing sites that have decided to end their blogging run.

Discovering a new blog is like discovering that delightfully wrapped gift hiding in the nook behind the Christmas tree once you've thought all the presents had been opened. When I happen to stumble upon a new blog that is both lovely, entertaining, and keeps my interest beyond a single post, I add it to my "trying out," folder in google reader. Eventually I usually convert these new finds to favorites, but I give each blog a trial period. I feel it's a polite courtesy, because I know I've definitely had my moments of superb posts and witty writing, but I've also had a handful of not-so-inspiring, sub par posts that I'd love to forget if it weren't for the visual reminders via linkwithin.

Anyway, long story short; below I've listed a few lovely blogs I been enjoying the last few months, in no particular order. This is my attempt to "blog it forward," and hope you might discover an unknown gem for yourself from my list, that may in time become a favorite of yours.

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