Christmas Presents

I feel like every family has at least one member who is tough to buy for. Usually I have an idea or two for my sisters, a handful for my husband, but my parents are super hard to buy for!

When we were little, indulging in the arts and crafts tradition, my mom used to tell us, "just make me something," but I feel like I've crafted and decoupaged enough gifts that at 28-years old that rule has long since expired.

Who is tough to buy for in your family? And what did you end up purchasing for that person this year?



Diana Mieczan said...

My father in-law is very hard to shop for. Balazs and I always have such a hard time finding "the" perfect gift. So this year we simply asked him to tell us 3 things he would really like to get or need and we chose to buy the one we think he will enjoy the most. Have a jolly good Thursday morning, sweetie. xo

Kristen said...

I took this great idea from Brooklyn Limestone and made it my own as a holiday gift. I wrote the lyrics to a beloved song on a Target serving plate ($8) with a Porcelain Pen for my favorite Aunt, who has everything :) I am SO excited to give it to her! Maybe your Mom would like something like that?

House of Milk said...

I have a hard time buying for everyone! I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to gift giving and I always hunt for that perfect gift. Sometimes it works out, but sometimes it comes back to bite my in the you-know-what. But I found a ton of awesome prints for a lot of people in my family on Society6. You can pretty much find something for everyone there. :)