Wedding Dress Scavenger Hunt

Well, I hit up my third bridal shop tonight, and while I found some pretty dresses, didn't find IT. THE dress. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to find "that perfect dress" out there. I've found two so far that I really like, but neither dress gave me that tingly, oh-my-gosh this is it feeling that everyone talks about. I feel like Goldilocks and the wedding dresses. This one's too lacy, this one's not lacy enough, now I'm just waiting to find the one that's just right.

So I ask, did all you married girls out there have that feeling about your dress, or is this perfect dress feeling a myth, because I'm beginning to wonder. I've been dreaming about my wedding since I was little, and I'm kind of frustrated because I feel like I should have found the perfect dress by now. Maybe I just need to be a little more patient and keep looking...

Thoughts/suggestions? Looking for some words of wisdom if you have any.

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