Cook du Jour

Last night my girlfriends and I celebrated my friend Carla's birthday with a group cooking class. It was such a great time! We signed up for Hipcooks, "hands-on cooking classes for the novice and seasoned cook...Measuring implements are banned, tasting is encouraged, and your inner chef is invited to play!"

It was so much fun, we tied on our aprons and got our hands messy while creating an Iranian feast, as our class theme was "Persian Immersion." Carla is a self-proclaimed Hipcooks "junkie," and chose the class because being a seasoned cook herself, she admitted knowing very little about Persian food.

We made
  • Maast-o Khiar: Cucumber salad with herbed meatballs
  • Shirin Pollo: Chicken and saffron rice jeweled with almonds, pistachio, orange peel & barberries. Tadig, too.
  • Khoresht-e-fesenjan: Luscious chicken stewed with walnuts & pomegranate.
  • Rosewater-cardamom ice cream

Everything was delicious! Can't wait to take another class!!

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