In case you haven't heard of glassybaby, these little glass votives are all the rage (at least in Seattle). They're hand blown glass sold in a few locations around the Seattle area. But twice a year they have a seconds sale, where votives that are not considered "perfect" are marked down considerably, and on sale in an all-you-can-grab free for all.

This is what I did Saturday morning. My friend Makaela and I grabbed coffee, and went to the store to find a line that spanned 3-city blocks. The craziest thing was, the people in front of us drove 2 hours South from Bellingham to wait in line! We heard rumors of others driving in from Puyallup, and a rumored visitor from Alaska! Kind of crazy all this madness for glass!

Once we crept up the long line slowly, we realized the line was nothing compared to the warehouse - inside was a mad house! An all out glass brawl if you will, no holding back! We elbowed our way through the crowds and came out victorious, a few glassybaby's each. Success! All in all, it was a very exciting morning, and I was home by 11:30 AM!

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