Tea Time

These days, I find myself a tea enthusiast. When I bought my house in October, I went on a bit of a tea binge, stocking my cupboard full of a plethora of tea varieties, not really so much for the flavors themselves, but just to have the satisfaction of living in a house with filled shelves.

Perhaps my fave tea is Market Spice - it's a local Seattle tea, spicy-orangy-cinnamon goodness in every sip! But lately I've been dabbling with Celestial Seasons Bengal Spice and Mandarin Orange Spice. Anyone else see a pattern here? Can you tell I like spicy tea? Of course I try and balance these out with Bigelow's Green Tea with Pomegranate and Yogi's Honey Lemon for those scratchy throat kind of days.

But now...after all that purchasing, alas I'm kind of bored with my tea shelf. Don't get me wrong, I won't deny my Seattle roots because I'm first and foremost a coffee-in-the-morning kind of girl, but I usually retire in the evenings with tea and a good book (wow that comment just aged me 20 years...).

Are any of you out there tea drinkers as well? What's your fave?

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