Stocking Stuffers: Novel Idea

Who doesn't love to read? Stocking stuffers for everyone, (including me...Um, Mom are you reading this?). Here's my fave pic of books from every category.For the Francophile: What French Women Know, by Debra Ollivier.
Can't wait to pick up this one! Ollivier is also the author of one of my favorite guilty pleasure reads, Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to her Inner French Girl. All the secrets told by an American woman who infiltrated Parisian life after 10+ years living abroad in Paris.

For the Kids: The Pencil, by Allen Ahlberg
This book is such a delight, clever, creative, and laughter provoking. The adventures of a pencil and all he draws until life gets a little too complicated and he eraser (and that's just the beginning).

For the Traveler: Rough Guides: World Party
This one I actually own, but I don't think enough people know about this gem of a book. If you've got the travel bug and like to party, this book details every fantastic festival 'round the world from Running with the Bulls to Mardi Gras to Hogmanay. Don't forget to pack it in your suitcase...

For the Listmaker: Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists
Move beyond your grocery list and list all the fave things in your life; foods, holidays, moments, etc...and the list goes on.

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