Giving the Gift of Story **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

My love affair with Storyworth grows by the day as the anecdotes from my parents continue to roll in.  It feels like such a have new stories from my family's past arrive effortlessly in my email inbox, ready to spring to life by my viewing.  

My most recent favorite was a particular anecdote written by my father.  Having grown up in a different state than my grandparents for most of my life, I find that my memories from my paternal grandparents are a bit hazier than those of my maternal grandparents.  As such, I know even less about their parents (my great-grandparents).  This prompt "Do you have any particularly vivid memories of your grandparents?" was especially enlightening, and a gateway into a whole chapter I never knew.

My most vivid memories of my Paternal Grandparents are from visits to the family farm in South Dakota and seeing all the work they did every single day. They always rose early and worked until sunset. My first real memories of them are as an 8 year old at their 50th wedding anniversary with all of my family and many many relatives there for the celebration. I recall my grandmother making sheets of egg noodles for the entire family to have chicken noodle soup and canning every fruit and vegetable imaginable for the winters ahead. I remember my grandfather and uncles in their denim overalls heading out to the fields after a full breakfast and then breaking for lunch (“dinner” in the Dakotas) and a late supper. I also recall the great two story home they built with a wrap-around porch and root cellar for canned goods. I spent many days collecting the morning eggs from the chickens, spreading corn for livestock and operating harvest equipment with my uncles in the Midwest states.
My memories of my Maternal grandparents are of a much different nature in the same state. My mother’s mother died when she was very young and my memories are of her father and stepmother who we always knew as our grandmother. They lived in a fine house in Rapid City, South Dakota. My grandfather was a lawyer and Judge in the South Dakota court system and held that position for many years. My grandmother raised my mother and several additional younger children she had with my grandfather. I recall the large back porch overlooking acres of grass behind the house and my grandfather’s office with it’s musty smell of older law books and wood. We spent many hours roaming through the house and grounds of their property.
After receiving these stories, I find myself reading and rereading these passages, hanging onto specific details as I try and visualize the scene, and my father living these moments as a child.  
This connection to the past has been such a gift, as these kinds of prompts don't always arise in casual dinner conversation.  I'm thankful that Storyworth has recognized the power of the written word, and provided my family opportunity to have our stories preserved in print, catalogued for our family for generations to come.

Just in time for the holidays, I'm offering a giveaway so you too can give the gift of Storyworth.  All you need to do to be eligible is enter your name and email address here!  Three winners of those eligible will be picked to receive a 1-year subscription for 1 storyteller and 1 book, valued at $79!  This would be such a wonderful gift to receive this Christmas season.

To be eligible: click this link, add your name and email, and leave a comment below.  Happy storytelling! 


Lauren said...

What a great idea! Both of my paternal grandparents wrote down several of their childhood and lifetime memories before they passed, and it would be wonderful to preserve them for many future generations to come.

Katie said...

great post!! keep doing these :)

Marissa Hanson said...

oh my gosh I love this so much!!

sarah gai said...

you come from a family of wonderful storytellers! what a perfect way to preserve those tales and share them with your kiddos. can I see the book once it's complete?! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! This would be the perfect gift for my parents, and just in time for the holidays! What a wonderful gift this has been for you and your family!

Sarah Sary said...

I think my dad would enjoy answering the questions and we would all love and treasure the answers for a lifetime. Great idea!

Unknown said...


heather said...

i feel the same way about my dad's side of the family - they just were never as vocal about stories!

love this idea!

Susanna said...

I would love to give this to my dad this Christmas! Sounds like the perfect way to collect all of his stories!