Sleeve Up Giveaway

Did you know every year, 14 billion cups of coffee are served in single-use cups with coffee sleeves?  This contributes to 2.8 billion pounds of trash and cardboard waste.  Um..WHAT?!?  This number is utterly mind blowing to me!  And likely, as a casual (occasional frequent) coffee-on-the-go drinker, I'm contributing to that hideous number.  No megusta...

As I consider what kind of world my child will grow up in, it has made me think harder about choices I make to improve my life and the world I live in.  Whether that's switch to paraben free cosmetics and products, consciously compost, I've found myself making more intentional, conscious decisions to reduce my carbon footprint now more than ever before. Not that I was a voracious, garbage producing consumer before, I mean, I try and do my part...I bring reusable bags to the grocery store, compost with a vengeance, and recycle like the rest of Seattle.  But when enjoying that frequent hot beverage en route to work, I am definitely guilty of taking a paper sleeve along for the ride - purely for convenience sake.  

However, there's hope for us wasteful coffee drinkers!  Meet Sleeve Up, a Seattle company started by   6 University of Washington students (my alma mater).  Together these friends design and locally manufacture reusable coffee sleeves.  Their mission: produce a product that would not only be environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of waste from single-use cardboard sleeves but also something that would connect with the Seattle coffee culture.  I especially love that it rolls up into a compact key chain, small enough to carry with me on the go, but machine washable should my coffee take a spill.  Thanks guys for making the earth a little greener, one cup at a time!
{"The Wiz" Seattle skyline Sleeve Up}

Today, I'm giving away this yellow and black Seattle skyline Sleeve Up to a lucky winner.  To enter, visit the Sleeve Up website and leave a comment sharing your favorite design and email address.  Bonus entries if you also like on facebook!  Giveaway closes Sunday, June 9th.
(must be a US resident to enter)

**UPDATE: Lauren is our winner, congrats Lauren!  Sending you your very own Sleeve Up in the mail soon!**



SeattleJaneite said...

This is such a great way for each of us to take a small step toward reducing waste! And they look kind of cute. I'd like to get one.

Lauren said...

what a fantastic product! I need these for when I leave my reusable mug at home (which is far too often!) Sprout and the Wiz are my favs...thanks for sharing this awesome local company!

turtleinthesun at gmail dot com

Sarah Alway said...

Oh my gosh I'm totally the same... bring my own grocery bags, recycle like it's my job, drink filtered water instead of buying bottles, etc. but I always get a sleeve with my to-go coffee because I never have my own to-go cup! I'm terrible. So this a super awesome giveaway!

Sarah @ Life As Always